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Friday, October 27, 2006


Originally posted 3/16/06
I'm so tempted in weighing myself today, but I purposely wore jeans to keep that temptation at bay. People have been telling me what a difference they can see in my body and face. The picture on the left was taken in January, the one on the right was taken today.

I don't know if I see a difference, but hey a long as the scale keeps showing a loss.

On the WW boards there was a topic of rewards, that got me thinking of what rewards I want. the weigh-loss and the compliments are great but I want something that everytime I see it, it reminds me of where I used to be so I don't go back. I was thinking jewelry. Now I'm not a big fan of jewelry but for the weigh-loss I think I will wear it, and all with diamonds. Granted they don't have to be teh best cut diamonds but diamonds all the same. I want to loose 78 pounds so I can break this down into 3 big reward.

26 pounds = necklace
52 pounds = bracelet
78 pounds = ring, and a really expensive diamond

I was also thinking of little rewards, pedicures - boy do I love them, but since I've been counting my pennies I haven't had one in a while. Ithink I will reward myself with one tomorrow for the 10 pounds and get one every ten pounds. That sounds like a plan.

FYI, I stopped going to WW meeting - saving the money. I wasn't really following the plan to the T, so it was not worth the $10 a week (plus about $15 for the snacks) to use their scale. I weigh myself on Friday's at the GNC scale for $0.50.

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