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Monday, November 20, 2006


When my last living grandmother passed away in 2004 I was given a proposition; loose 50 pounds and I would get $1,000. Money has never been a driven force for me, so the deadline for that proposition came and went. It was later told to me that even though the deadline had passed the offer would be ongoing.

I need the money now. I needed the money back then but now I really need the money. I have 30 pounds to go, and I am going to use the original deadline date, but obviously a different year - Valentines day. 10 pounds a month, a bit of a challenge but it is doable but I have faith that my goal will be accomplished.

Football season ends this coming Saturday. I'll be heading back to the gym, need to tone up everything that has gone flabby again. Thankfully, I've only gone flabby and not gained the weight back. I'll take flabby with a smile.

I've changed my weigh-in days for Mondays, just for the fact that today is Monday. I'll be skipping weigh next week because I will be off work. Skipping next week might be a good thing since it will be right after Thanksgiving dinner and Vegas.

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