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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Not a Good Combo

I've had an issue with taking vitamins since as far back as I can remember. I've bought so many types of vitamins brands and have always gotten an upset stomach, or they have made me nausea. The bottles always ended up in the trash and had just about given up taking them until I discovered gummy vitamins. They are so yummy, and I have not stomach problems with them. AND the great thing is that I can now take the Omega vitamins.  So many people complain about the Omega vitamins because of the after taste and burping up the flavor, I don't have that problem with the one I chew.  They do have a fishy taste, but I take those first and let the other flavors kill the taste. 

I've been taking/eating these vitamins for 3 weeks now and I can feel the difference. I actually have energy to want to do things.  BUT I have discovered that in my family that is not a good thing. At times I feel restless because I was to be go, go, go, go and I can't.  My family and I have had a pretty sedentary life style and a really bad habit of just sitting in front of the TV. My new found energy has been getting on their nerves, and I don't know what to do. 

My son told me this weekend that I'm passive aggressive, and will rather walk away than get confrontational and when I do get confrontational I go to the extreme. It's so true. I want to go out on evening walks, go back to the gym but then I get a guilt trip and they know which guilt buttons to push. The hubby is no help because he is very happy the way things are.

When I was going to Curves I could only go in the morning, and I used to feel so guilty because my kids* had to walk to school.   How can I overcome this? How can I not feel bad for wanting to exercise?

*My kids are 17 and 13, with cell phones and I walked to school since I was in kindergarten.


Tina said...

Can you please please send me the names of your vitiamns? (by email) I am having SUCH a huge problem taking vitiamns and i SOOOOO need energy (thanks) Tina

Christy M. said...

I'm sorry your family is not more supportive. I know how hard that can be, really. My husband isn't into working out or fitness, and when I first started training for my 1st 1/2 marathon, he had no interest. It hurt my feelings because I was working so hard, and I just wanted him to care. Eventually, after a few "discussions" about my "feelings" ;P he straightened his act up and at least pretended to care. Now, almost a year later, I know he does. He cares because he finally realized how important is is to me. Do not give up. Keep doing what you're doing and you're family will adjust and even be supportive one day. They ARE used to you being the way you were, and you're shaking things up and making them feel uncomfortable because they're not doing anything. Don't let that sabotage you. Keep smiling and logging those miles. They'll come around eventually!! Until then, you have all your Sisters to keep you company and pat you on the back!