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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Weigh In #1

205 lbs

Holly Freaking Cow
5 pounds in 1 week. I don't think I have ever done it. 
I owe it all to the challenge, and my great team.  The ladies are just awesome. They are able to articulate all the floating thoughts in my head into actual plans. At times I felt like a cheat because I copied a few of their plans but I swear all those things have been in my head. My problem is that I have so many ideas floating around, that I just stray A LOT from what I want because I want so much at one time.  This week I learned that it's best to set out ONE plan, stick to it best I can and start fresh the next week.
Meet Team Black Nero

I don't want to loose any of my team mates or even worse I'm sent to exile and I loose them all.

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