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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I'm tired

I'm so tired.  I am so freaking tired.

I'm tired of being lazy and rather buy dinner than cook
I'm tired of being broke
I'm tired of feeling like a failure of a parent
I'm tired of fighting with my daughter
I'm tired of wanting others to do the fight for me
I'm tired of being a complainer
I'm tired of not knowing how to express my feelings
I'm tired.

I know the scale is going to reflect poorly because I've done poorly. I know that tomorrow is another day, and tomorrow can be a great new start but I've had a lot of those tomorrows.  I wake up feeling so motivated, have a great plan and then something happens (i.e bad day at work, argument with daughter, comment from husband, etc.) and I roll up into a ball and comfort myself with food, computer or TV.  I roll up and I attempt to hide from my problems.  What happened to the fighter is me?  Where did I loose her? How can I find her back?

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