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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Weigh In #3

208 lbs
Ugh, that's a 2 pound gain, and only a 2 pound loss on this challenge. UGH!

This week non physical challenge was a continuation of drinking water, staying away from drive troughs and the new one was to eat 5 servings of fruits and veggies.  I did horrible on the 5 servings, one would think its would be easy but I do better on the no eating out that getting in the 5 servings.  I tried every single day, but I'm not a fruit and veggie type of girl.  I know that will will be continues onto next week and I have made my menu plan to include all the 5 servings.

On other news,  I have started training for a 5k! The walking route I take is 3.06 miles which equal a 5k walk.  I've always been an avid walker, and I know I can walk a 5K but I want to run one. Since grade school I've had issues running, I just don't run.  Even as I have been doing the plan, I notice that my jogging pace is much slower than my fast walking pace.  Then I start self doubting myself and blaming my weight.  Maybe I'm just too heavy to be a runner. 

The good thing is that now I recognize my own self sabotages and know that I am just making excuses to quit. I'm going to continue the training, just with modifications. For the training I found some really cool podcast by Robert Ullrey to use for the training.  The first week is basically running 1 minutes and recovering 90 seconds between each run.  There are 8 running intervals, and on the last minute Robert is saying that I should not be out of breath and I should be able to have a conversation.  Well, I am not there.  I am so out out of breath and breathing so hard that I can't carry a conversation with myself. My solution is to probably do week 1 for 2 more weeks.

As for the physical challenge this week, it's to time how fast we did 1 mile.  Mine was 14 minutes, going to work hard on cutting that number in 1/2.


Tracie said...

The scale will move for you next week.

On the C25K, repeating a week is good if you need it. I also found that if I slowed down when I ran that I wouldn't burn out as quickly and the last intervals wouldn't be as hard.

erin said...

good luck on your 5k training, you will rock it! and the lbs will come off next week :)

Trish said...

The scale will be kind to you next week! I am crossing my fingers for you! I do the C25K program and I (Like Tracie said) have done WK1 for 3 weeks, just to get my body used to it. You should try it and see if that works for you!

Tami @ said...

I need to focus on more fruits and veggies, too. We CAN do this!

Here's my post:

Christy M. said...

Run as slow as you need to. Do not compare it to your fast walking, because it's completely different! Once your body gets used to running, then you can think of your pace and speeding it up. And yes, definitely repeat weeks until you are comfortable! Just make sure you're taking rest days in there so you don't burn out, or end up with an injury from over use! You CAN do it. I promise. I know this because I never thought I could and I am, and that's BIG!!!

issuesgalor said...

Thank you all for your encouring words. They really help.

AnnG said...

I just finished my very first 5K and I have to say it was the most difficult thing I have done to date as far as exercise is concerned but I can not express how good it felt to complete it! I DID NOT RUN nearly as much as I wanted and I came in with a slooooow time but I finished it! You can do it, too!!

*Lissa* said...

No excuses is right! You can do this!

I have the breathing problem when trying to run, too. It has to get easier some day, right? ;p