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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Running with the Sisterhood

I set out a goal to start the couch to 5k program again and run 2 5K's with hopefully (but not mandatory) doing a ½ marathon at the end of the year and attempting to the L.A. Marathon in 2012. When I read the article on the sisterhood about the ½ Rock 'n Roll Marathon in San Diego I instantly wanted to sign up.

I know I can walk a 5K for a consecutive week, running it is another story but I know that if I put focus on the training I can do it, and I know a 5K is a lot and a huge accomplishment but I want the satisfaction of saying "WOW I JUST RAN A ½ MARATHON." Always hearing of a 5K, it just sounded so intimidating, but when I found out my walking route/path was equivalent to 3.1 miles I was a bit disappointed. I was thinking "this is it, I was scared of a 5k and this is it!" I know this type of response or attitude is what always failed me. I want BIG, I want it ALL or nothing. AND look 10 years and I'm still overweight.

That is why, as much as the challenger in me wants to do the ½ marathon and sign up right now, I am going to think about it over the weekend.

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