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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Weigh In #2 POWER OF ONE

208.6 lbs

A 0.2 weight loss this week. I was a bit disappointed when the number appeared in the scale. I had a great loss last week, and I was expecting another great one this week since I kicked but in tracking my points.  In all the times I've done WW, I never tracked for a complete week, so even though the loss is not what I wanted I'm proud of myself.  I know the areas that I need to work on, and today is the start of a new week. 

I realized that I am not prepared for the weekends. This past weekend I ate food high in points and not that feeling.  I do great during the week with preparing my lunch and snacks but for the weekend it's hard. I'm not used to preparing meals on the weekend, I normally just leave dinners up to what ever fast food we are in the mood for.  This months assignment is to get used to cooking on the weekend again and getting the family used to eating at the same time again.


Barb said...

I hear you on the weekends - I need the structure of the work-day to eat well, it seems.

Don't be so disappointed with the loss - sometimes your body just needs to adjust, especially after a big loss. So just keep doing what you're doing, and your body will follow.

Tami @ said...

Planning sure makes a difference. I'm sure you'll do better this upcoming week.

Trish said...

UGH I hate weekends too, but I have found away around it. On Friday I make something for dinner that could carry us over the weekend. Like a big pot of soup. It helps :)