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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Check In #2

I really dislike my scale, today it range from 209.5 - 214.  I know the scale well enough that I have to get on it a couple of time to get the correct weight but the last two times I have gotten on it, it has been way off.  The last time it told me I was under 200, it would be nice if it were true but then it told me I was 215.  Good thing there is a brand new shipping scale at work that I can finally weigh in at.

I'm down to 209.5, that's a 6.5 weight loss since May 1st.  WOOO WHOOO!

I did really great on the water challenge, and so so okay on my challenge about the fruits & veggie. I'm making more of a conscience choice of eating them but always seem to fall short 1 or 2 a day.  And the other sisterhood challenges, well it hard to get on the chat and #tworkout as I get out of work at 6:00 pm PST.  I did try to the Tworkout for a little bit last night and figure something is better than nothing. 

May Your Way Challenge


Brooke said...

i always weigh at work - i don't even own a scale. although i'm not sure how i would feel getting on the shipping scale in front of everyone. better that though, than the inconsistancy of your personal scale.

issuesgalor said...

It's a really small company and when I go to the warehouse to weigh in, there's no one around :)

Dorothy said...

I feel like my scale is a bit wonky too. I often step on a couple times before believing it. Thanks for stopping by my blog & leaving the encouragement! I'm excited to keep doing what I've been doing and see where it leads me :)

AnnG said...

You are doing great on the weight loss! Good job!! Keep up the good work!

Sunset97 said...

your are doing great...!! wonderful job on your weight loss!!

i had troubles with the old scale that i started using when i first started my healthy journey last finally broke after 4wks into my journey and then i was mad at the new digital one i got coz it was around 4 lbs or so off from the old one and not in my
if the shipping scale works for you than that is cool... :)

keep up the great work...!! :)

tracy c.