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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Check In # 3

Wow, just can't believe we are in the middle of the month and just a few days from the middle of the year. And here we are half way through the challenge and I am rocking it :) I kept up with all of my goals water, fruits & veggies, and a 1 mile a day. I was a bit OCD on it cuz I knew I needed to report back, there were two night at 11 pm I was chugging the last of my water while eating a fruit cup or banana.

Now, some of my fruit servings were not the healthiest, and I am going to work on making better choices, but I figured that as long as I got the servings in this week it was a huge plus.  The biggest culprit was strawberries and creme, I had about 7 serving this week of that. Also fruit cups, I didn't even want to look how much sugar that had.  BUT on a plus side, I was making sure to have a salad with lunch this week. If you are in a crunch, McDonald's has the side salad for $1.00, I was told it was not the best choice but hey it's a serving of veggies.

On the weight front, I stayed the same. The big loss from last week, I will happily take a 0.0 loss, always good it's not a gain.
Starting Weight 216
Last Week 209.5
This week 209.5
Loss -0.0
Total Loss -6.5

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