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Wednesday, June 08, 2011

I'll start on Monday


The challenge officially starts next week, but I’m starting today. No time like the present, and I so didn’t want to fall into the trap “well the challenge starts next week, I can splurge until then.” The mentality of “I’ll start on Monday” or “what the heck I cheated anyway” has added a lot of extra pounds on me.

Hopefully I have come to understand that I will have a lot of obstacles / stresses in my life and even though I do allow most of them to affect me, I just can’t throw my health to the wind. I need to start preparing myself now, as I know this will be a challenging summer. My uncle’s health is declining, and my aunt is in her 70’s; she’s by herself as they never had any kids. I’ll be traveling quite a bit this summer, and she always has A LOT of food with the fridge stock with goodies for the kids. I’m weak and can’t say no to certain foods or desserts.

There are many other stressors in my life – my son starting college, my daughter spending a lot time home alone during the summer – I just have to learn that just because I have them doesn’t give me the excuse to seek out comfort food.

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