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Monday, June 13, 2011

Burst Into Summer Challenge
I'm on Team 23!  So excited to get this challenge going :)

Mentally I have been preparing for this challenge for a bit now. AND I'm hoping that I'm finally mentally capable of sticking this out and changing my relationship with food and exercise. Hopefully this past weekend is a testament that I am mentally there. I didn't make the best eating decisions but I am proud/astonished to report that I only had 1 can of coke, I rode the stationary bike for a bit and drank lots of water. This are all a HUGE accomplishment for me.  During a typical stay at my aunts, I can easily drink a case of coke, eat tons of ice cream and just stare at the stationary bike thinking that I should use it but just end up walking away.

Also another eye opener was that my sister, who is studying to be some sort of medical nurse assistant, took my blood pressure and it was okay for now, but the reading showed that I was in the prehypertension category - that means that if I don't change my ways I can end up with High Blood Pressure.  I already was diagnosed with high cholesterol a few years ago but never took the medicine because I was in denial of being too young for it. I can't live in denial anymore.

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