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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A month later

209.0 lbs

A month into the challenge and I'm back to the starting weight, UGH! Why can we gain it so quickly and then it takes for ever to loose it? C'est le vie!

I've not been able to blog on a weekly basis as I currently don't have a working computer at home, but hopefully that will change by the end of the month. I've done a few changes these past few weeks and I'm really proud of myself.  One because I've stuck with it and another is that I finally admitted and realized that I am my worst sabotage. I basically talk myself out of doing things, plain and simple. I talk myself out of why not to walk consecutive days or why I can't go another mile or why I can't do jumping jack, etc. etc. etc. I'm just full of excuses. BUT hopefully now that I have admitted to this fault I will overcome it.

I am walking on a daily basis I started with 3 miles for the first 2 weeks and now I am up to 5 miles a day. Also, I started the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred, granted I only did 3 days but I'm determined to restart it today and do the full 30 days.  One of the reasons I only did 3 days is because when it was time to do the video I'd have to do it in front of the peanut gallery and they'd laugh at me on how I looked doing some of the moves. So I talked myself out of it but I am committed to not take their crap and just plug on through.  Hello! if I can run a 1/4 mile in public on a very populated trail while holding my boobs I so can do aerobics in front of the family.


AnnG said...

There you go...just tell the peanut gallery to either hush or go to the other room OR they can join in and do it with you! Jillian is AWESOME! You can do this! Good job for getting back down to to where you started...I'm still trying to get there!

Brooke said...

don't let the peanut gallery stop you!! whenever i do a video at home hubby always makes fun. so i've switched to doing kickboxing workouts and now he's just scared ;)