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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Burst Into Summer Final Weight-In

203.5 lb

I honestly don’t remember when the last time I was this close to 200 lb was. I do remember the last time I was less than 200 pounds, it was in 2006 and it was a bad time in my life and it was mainly reach by not eating. I’m so thankful that I am in a different place in my head, body and soul and I will once again be less that 200 and reach it in a healthy way with no self sabotage in ever going back.

Officially I have lost 6 pounds during this challenge, with computer issues and what have you I was not posting my weight on a weekly basis here or on paper for my record. I’d just post it on the Sisterhood website. I think during the challenge I got up to 214, but I’m not exactly sure. If that was the case I lost 10 pounds and that number feels right. That’s the number I feel I lost. People are noticing, my clothes are feeling looser, and my love handles are going down.

Can’t wait for the next challenge!

Saturday, August 20, 2011


Run The 'Hood

I'm just loving the Sisterhood, they are bringing some really cool things. This time around they are having a virtual walk/run.  I can't register until the begining of the month, and I guess that's a good thing since I really don't know what category I want to sign up for.

5K Walk - I'm currently walking a 5k every other day, it takes me about an hour to complete but should I stay in my comfort zone or broaden my horizon?

5K Run  - This one scares me.  Only because I've started the c25k  training in the past and I never got past week 2 - I have a knee issue and shin issues.  I really, truly want to be a runner but should I push myself when I really don't know what my knee issues are? 

10K Walk - I'm leaning towards this one as it would be pushing myself out of my comfort zone, but I am a bit competitive and I want to win one of the prizes and I don't think I would be able to do that in this category.

10K Run - this isn't even an option, uh uh.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Check In

204 lbs
I seriously had to do a triple take when I saw that number, I actually turned the scale on and off to make sure. I don't recall the last time I weight this.  I haven't gotten below 205 in a really long time.

I've officially lost 5 pounds on this challenge :)  And 12 pounds since the beginning of the year. I can't even articulate how ecstatic I am.  I mean I have lost weight in the past and a good chunk at times but I've never really been mentally on it and I am so on it now.   Even on the days that I don't cook my meals or go away for the weekend I don't have a smorgasbord.