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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Weekly Check-In


Down 1 pound this week, granted I was expecting a 5 pound loss but 1 pound is so good. This past week I was supposedly doing one of the 7 day eating plans but I must admit I was nowhere near doing it 100% on a daily basis. Yesterday I threw up my hands left my chicken and veggies lunch in the fridge and went out to eat Pizza. I’m just so tired of eating chicken, and watching the clock to see if it’s time to eat again, counting “okay I ate at 7:30, so it’s 8:30, 9:30, okay at 10:30 is when I eat again, oh crap it’s 11:00 already.” AND since I am such a picker eater I’m tired of the same food day in and day out.

This morning I woke up in one of those moods to just say screw it all “I will start again tomorrow.” I just didn’t want to cook my protein flan and I don’t want to eat chicken and I just don’t want to. I know I sound like a spoiled child, and when I heard the tantrum going on in my head I took out the tape measure and measured my waist. I LOST 2 INCHES OF MY WAIST! I’ve lost 12 pounds doing the plan and I lost a pound this week without truly eating what I was supposed to. The thing is that I get hung up on the smallest of stupidest things and I need to grow up and get over it.

For example, I really like the protein bars that where recommended and there are days I’m not supposed to eat them or only have 1 a day. Eating at least 1 a day saves me from cooking at least one meal or what if I just don’t want to cook my snacks and I want to eat 2 for the days? And I want to eat brown rice with one of my meals or add guacamole to my protein tacos? This torments me as I want to do the plan perfectly but come one I am so not perfect and eating a protein bar is so much better than going to McDonald’s or Burger King. So I just have to chill out and who really cares if I eat 1 or 2 protein bars a day, it’s what makes me feel right.

On another note, I registered for the Virtual Walk/Run that the Sisterhood is organizing. I have taken a few weeks from running so I signed up for the 5Kwalk and I was so excited to see that they are bringing back the Shrinkvivor challenge. Signups were to be today, but I didn’t see the form – hopefully it’s wasn’t a glitch posting.

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