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Thursday, September 15, 2011


I'm joining the Zumba Phenomenon.

When I was younger I was a pretty good dancer, I could jirate my hips with the best of them but now not so much. I'm a bit intimidated in trying this out since I've tried a few dance exercise video and I was just very uncoordinated but I have to try.  I LOVE TO DANCE and quite a few people have lost a lot of weight and tone up with this so lets hope it works for me.

There's a couple of Zumba locations that have opened up near my home that charge $3 per class. I did the math and if I go every day it can get expensive but 3 times a week should be the same as a gym membership and well I had those before and it was money wasted for all the months I didn't go and still paid.  With the classes at least I pay as I go. 

First class is tomorrow at 8 pm, wish me luck.

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