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Sunday, January 15, 2012

10,000 Steps

I’ve been contemplating buying a new WW pedometer since my old one gave out on me a few months back. The first (and only time) I did the 10,000 steps a day project, I actually enjoyed it. I enjoy the challenge of it, the competition between me and the little device but just thinking about it it’s a competition against me. That’s pretty cool.

I don’t remember if the first time around was easy but this hasn’t been an easy task. I’ve been struggling for those steps. There has been A LOT of aimless pacing around my home. But hey the pedometer does have me moving, if it weren’t for it I would still be sedentary sitting on my couch watching reality TV.

On Friday, I decided to step it up a notch and I decided to take the train to work; this forced me to walk a few blocks and add steps because of it. On Saturday I parked way on the other side during my errands and that sure boosted up my steps.

Monday 8,877
Tuesday 10,504
Wednesday 10,061
Thursday 6,702
Friday 13, 175
Saturday 18,148

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