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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Check In

It' s odd for me to be doing check-in today since I have moved my weigh in days to Saturday.  I used to go ot Tuesday night meetings because it was so convinient to have the weight for Wednesday check-in but Tuesday night was just not convinent for my time schedule. 

Well here it is, I am down 1 pound this week but I am still not out of the 200's yet, but soon very soon I will be back in onederland.

And I need to be honest, I haven't really been reading the Sisterhood (yikes!) but I have not internet at home and even doing this at work plays with my nerves since I have to do it in hiding.  But I did get a change to read "The Assignment" and I love it just yesterday I had put on my to do list for this week to write my future self a letter.

The Assignment

Dear Me. We asked the future you of 2013 to write your present self a letter about all the wonderful things you did this year, as if you had already done them. We want you to talk to yourself about your accomplishments and what you learned, what you overcame, and so on. Have you written your letter yet I haven’t? Go ahead and write your letter- you won’t be sorry. Also, next January, when you pull out that letter and see all that you did do- it will be awesome. You can go here to link up your letter post and to read every one else’s Dear Me letters.

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