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Sunday, January 01, 2012

Letter to myself

This letter was written on January 6, 2011 as a challenge from the Sisterhood Monthly Project.

January, 2012

Dear Michelle,

When this challenge was given last year, I was a bit apprehensive in writing you letter from the future. I was scared of having a year go by and waking up in the New Year and nothing had changed. We lived with each other for 36 years, and set out the same SAME, resolutions every year. And every year those resolutions easily fizzled away. BUT in 2011 things changes and I am so proud of you that 2011 was not the same. YOU my dear friend have done phenomenal and tackled just about all of your goals. I am so glad that we finally discovered the reason to fight, and that reason is life. Our life has been so worth it all these year but we just lost our drive somewhere along the line but that is all in the past and we have such a great future ahead of us.

Currently you are well on your way on walking on stage for your A.A. Degree, you have paid off 3 of your collection accounts, and are out of your awful work environment. Thank God for these because these where one of the biggest issues that effected your mental status.

As for your weight loss, WOW! I knew the first week in January that you would stick it out with WW this time around, and the meetings you have missed are easily counted in one hand. Tracking your food has been a challenge but it was worth all the time an energy that you’ve become somewhat of an expert in it. You’ve completed 2 5k’s and are in the best shape in your life. I am so glad you found the fighter in you again.

Here’s to a great future, and never going back to the state of mind you were in the first decade of the 2000’s.

I love you so much,


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