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Thursday, February 23, 2012

a size 18 trapped in a size 16 pants

I took an unplanned sabbatical from the blog; I had a pity party, was sick and the 3 owner’s have been in the office on daily basis.  But the laptops have been fixed to catch the internet at home and the goal is to post on a daily or at least a weekly basis.

On to the reason for my pity party as it ties in to my last post. I did awesome on my game plan I tracked, made the best food choices, I walked 15,000 – 20,000 steps a day, got up early to exercise and I get to WW meeting and I had a gain of 0.2.  Yes, it’s a small gain but it was still a gain and I busted my ass off all week and I wanted to get out of the 200’s and blah blah blah that I just deflated myself. So I went on a pity party but on the very plus side that I even couldn’t go full blown gorging, I just can’t.  Yes, I made some bad food choices and I headed to the yellow hostess cupcakes as soon as I left the meeting but we all know it could have been much worse but I just couldn’t.

Then I got sick, and just totally drained. My brain wanted to get me back on track but my body just didn’t want to.  I skipped WW this past week and felt so guilty about it, but I didn’t do anything WW related and it just wasn’t worth going and spending the fee on it.  The only reason I did want to go to the meeting cuz I think I have lost some weight; my clothes are feeling so much looser and I no longer need to suck in my gut to button up my pants. I was definitely a size 18 trapped in a size 16 pants.

I’ll be at the meeting this Saturday, it will be the last weigh in for the Shrink Yo’ Self challenge and hopefully I am out of the 200’s for good.

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