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Thursday, August 09, 2012

To many points

I've been trying to figure out in what direction I want this blog (my life) to go. If you have ever perused over my blog you can definitely tell I have gone over many themes/schemes/ideas but have never stuck to a particular thing for an extended amount of time.

Yes I know this is my blog and I can go from Point A to Point D, back to Point B and then maybe skip a few Points and go back to A.  BUT in all honesty I don't like it, and that's has a deeper meaning to I just don't like the flow of my blog.  I don't like how I personally can't stick to one thing and follow it through to the end.  I know the reasons are very deep within me but that just a whole other post for a different blog.

Anywhoo, I'm still trying to figure out what direction I want to take. 
Here is what I do know.
  1. I want to focus on my weight loss
  2. I want to do the journey with Weight Watchers
    1. In the long run I would like to work for Weight Watchers
  3. I can't find the motivation to exercise, and I feel bad 'cuz of it.
  4. My relationships with a lot of people are taking a toll on me and it's weighing me down.
  5. I need to learn to say FUCK IT, and live my life for me.
  6. I have the idea that blogging on a regular basis would be good for me.
  7. I need to learn not to feel guilty for taking me time.
  8. I need to save money
Now, these are the things that I know but I'm trying to figure out how to implement all of them into my life.

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