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Monday, September 07, 2015

Showers, baths and Fatness

 Today I realized that my weight, my fatness has taken away one is my greatest pleasure; taking a bath/shower.

Carrying this extra weight has made it so tiring to bathed, to contortion to shave, to bend down to scrub legs and feet and to even attempt to reach my back is out of the question and the sad part of having tomorrow rolls to wash under them 😥 I could go a weekend without taking a shower and recently, I started to take a shower Monday, Wednesday & Friday during a work week.

Today I realized it's because the process makes me so tired how sad is that?

I used to love taking long hot baths, now my body doesn't really fit in a bathtub and squaring in and out of a bathtub is hard for me now. I have to put some thought into how I going to get up and not fall.

The one good thing I find in this very sad realization is that I realized the loss. It see now another thing this fatness has cost me and I want to be able to take an enjoyable bath again.